1 post per 24 hours versus 1 post per calendar day

Is there any possibility of changing the posting rules to allow 1 post per calendar day instead of 24 hours between posts? The problem is that the 24 hour requirement causes a ratcheting effect that makes my posting times later and later each day if I’m trying to post one per day (such as for the Weekly Challenge). I still work a full time job and my posting times are limited to the end of the day. By having to wait over 24 hours between posts I can end up staying up later and later just so I can post daily. If the requirement was for one photo in a calendar day I could post at the same time every day or even earlier if that is when I have the opportunity. The site would still be allowing the same number of posts but it would make posting opportunities much more flexible.

Thank you for your consideration of this issue.

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This is a excellent idea and a reasonable request. I have run into the same problem myself, as I’m sure others have as well. If the software allows such a change, I hope the moderators will agree to it.

Count a “yes, please” from me too.

I’m not sure, well have to have @David_Kingham chime in, but I think it’s an honor system on the new website. Have you tried it and gotten blocked? I ask because I seem to recall a new member posting a couple one right after another and they came through just fine.

I agree that one per calendar day would make more sense.

Dennis is correct, there is nothing preventing anyone from posting more than once a day and it’s just by honor. I’ll update the wording in the guidelines so it’s once a day rather than 24 hours which was just carried over from the old site. :+1:t2:


Excellent! Thank you for the quick feedback. The old site wouldn’t let you post until exactly 24 hours had passed. This is a major improvement and I will be most happy to honor the one post per day per category.

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