1692 - Solitary birch in South Italy

Let me introduce myself, I am Antonio Aleo, photographer from a region of southern Italy, Calabria. I will be pleased to participate in the forum and meet many good photographers, who have similar or even different points of view from mine. Probably some of you will know it already :slight_smile: I leave you with some shot. A greeting :slight_smile:


Your tree portraits are always so lovely and full of grace, Antonio. I love how the two bright trees stand out among the surrounding chaos and complement each other by leaning toward one another. Beautiful!

Welcome, Antonio. This is a very beautiful first post. It carries a lot of emotional impact along with being gorgeous. I look forward to seeing more of your work and reading your comments.

Thank you so much Sarah. I am very pleased you like my photos. I believe you are a point of reference, both as a school of thought and as a photograph. Greetings also to Ron :slight_smile:

Thank you very much Harley. I can’t wait to show you my other images and see the beauty of this site.

Welcome to the forum Antonio. Where in Calabria are you from? My wife and I just spent last April studying Italian in Tropea, and my grandparents were from Celico, near Cosenza.

Great photo!

Many thanks Tony :slight_smile: I’m from Catanzaro. I love Tropea :wink: great seascape!

Wonderfully conceived image, Antonio. It’s a subtle yet powerful image.

Many thanks Ken. I glad your like :slight_smile:

Welcome to NPN, Antonio!

This kind of work is just my cup of tea. There is a wonderful subtlety to your Image that I really enjoy. The two groups of trees work together like a tandem in a very appealing way for me. Furthermore, the subdued colors help me to concentrate on the main subjects. Great work in my opinion!


Thank you so much. Too kind :slight_smile: