#4 Happy Street

I’m not a birder, but these guys just seemed to want to have a family photo taken. My online search tells me that these are Blue and White Swallows. Birders, please identify them correctly if I have misidentified them. Early one morning, I was on path through the local bird sanctuary/wetlands, when the path took me right past their home. I was sure that they would be long gone before I could close enough for a decent photo. Well, they just kept sitting there as I approached to with in 10 feet, they didn’t seem the least bit bothered by my presence . Wish I had the 500mm with me.

Specific Feedback Requested

I just posted this one because I liked the photo and thought I would share with the community. But, of course, I always enjoy CC. Thanks!

Technical Details

Is this a composite: No
Nikon D750
Sigma 70-200mm
Hand Held
ISO 500, 1/800, f-10
Heavily cropped

Nice job, James. If you’re in the US, those are Tree Swallows and it’s probably a Bluebird line you found them on as those are more common than Swallow lines. Both species will use the same kind of box. I always enjoy birds in the fog and this is a very nice example. Thanks for posting in Avian.

Yep, agreed with Dennis. Those look like tree swallows sitting on a bluebird box. Really like the fog and the composition with both birds in it. I personally try to avoid having man-made things in my photos, but that’s a personal preference.