7 Principles Discussion

Have you read through the 7 Principles of Nature Photography? How do you think these principles might help to protect and preserve our wild places? What thoughts or questions do you have about them?

Yes, I read the principals. I’m an glad to see this being put up front. I’d like to make an obvious suggestion that you or someone officially affiliated to the group create pages on the various social media platforms and image repositories, especially like Instagram, Facebook, G+(now defunct), Flickr, Pictopia, etc.

Lastly I’m sure I’ll get flack for saying this especially here, but I believe by extension it is a photographer’s responsibility to also preserve the integrity of what they capture on film or digitally and not to embellish or distort their published image.

Hi George, thanks for your input. We currently have Nature First accounts in operation on both IG and Facebook. We hope you will join them to help get the word out.

As for the other point, there is a lot of validity there, but it is not within the scope of Nature First at this time. That would open a huge discussion that would distract us from the most pressing issue of our impact on the landscape.

And Twitter:

And links to all these accounts can be found at the bottom of the Nature First website.

Erik, I thought I’d mention that Ben Horne posted a neat Youtube video today on this exact subject and outlining Nature First very positively.

Ben Horne Video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8RvdKfg5qyA

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I hadn’t seen that. Thank you Paul! I’m going to get this shared on our networks.

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