A bit Annoyed

In a small forest clearing, on a bright Fall morning near Pickhandle Lake in Yukon, Canada, a mature moose cow is caught browsing among Aspen saplings and fireweed. Interrupted by the photographer, the positions of her ears, one forward and one back, indicate she is curious, but a bit annoyed.

EF 200-400mm @ 400mm; f/7.1 @ 1/250 sec, ISO 100; Manual exposure; Centerweighted-average metering; Auto WB

Very nice image of this Moose, Bob. Love the way she is holding he ears, as it does tell us that she is very much aware of your presence.

Thank you, Shirley. Yes, she is looking directly at me. The highlight in her left eye is me. Moose are the most ubiquitous and dangerous animals in Alaska because they are found in all environments, including cities, so it is imperative to give them space.

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Love the curiosity level of Moose and the foreground plants, which are really making the frame vivid !
If this was mine, I would experiment with burning the BG.

Thank you, Jagdeep. Are you referring to the brighter area behind the Moose? That is the light source and responsible for the highlight/glow of the hair on her back, neck, ears and head, but I have burned it down a bit. Attached is the modified file.


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