A Cow By The Sea

We got there early and the light was still quite harsh. I liked all the elements in the scene but there was no clean separation between the cow and the bush to the right. I only had to wait a few minutes until it was in the right position. I used a polarizer to help with the specular lights. This is another shot of the bendy casuarina trees that I previously mentioned in one of my wave shots.

Specific Feedback Requested

All comments are welcome.

Technical Details

1/250sec f/11 ISO200 Polarizer, hand held.


Hi Andre.
I really like this scene. The tree framing the cow is spectacular and it echoes a wave which resonates with the ocean. A really nice tensión between the placid grazing and the potential for storm,

I might be inclined to crop a tish off the left. Not much but something like this quickie screenshot.

Great patience paid off here. The separation works and makes a huge difference.

Thanks for the edit and the comments Marylynne.

Quite a pleasing image here, Andre! I have to say, I’ve been really enjoying your work and I would have never known about it if it was not for NPN. Keep up the great work.

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Thanks for the comments, Matt.
Glad you are liking the images.
Loving the NPN community.
So many different people with various styles and approaches, creating their images all under the same umbrella.

Just what I was looking for.
I had a peek at the learning section and I’m looking forward to checking it out some more.

Keep up the great work with your podcasts. I enjoy them immensely.
Looking forward to listening to the last one you did with Alex Vita on Designing a Website, as I decided to go full-time with my photography earlier this year and I’ll need all the help I can get :sweat_smile:

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NICE man, I hope it helps! I’m sure you will find success in it with how good your images are, although as you probably know that’s almost secondary to marketing and business acumen. =)

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What a cool image Andre. That cow is perfectly placed wowing the grass right under the curl in the wave of the tree. I love how @Marylynne_Diggs mentions that sweeping tree echoes that of a wave and I whole heartedly agree with her. This was framed beautifully and thoughtfully having none of the down swept branches touching the water or the bushes. I do like that Marylynne cropped off the little bush on the left side of this image. I don’t feel it’s needed for framing and it just cleans it up a tiny bit. The colors loo real to me. Nice job!


A lovely, pastoral scene. And I guess it’s “pastoral” because of the cow? :slight_smile: And yes, the presence of the animal does add to the scene. Great job waiting for everything to be in position! I like the weighting and balance the rocks are providing in the lower right. You also did well with light despite your description of the light being harsh - well, maybe it was earlier as you mentioned. Anyway, exposure and processing look great.

Just wanted to echo Matt’s comments. Great to have you here and glad you’re enjoying the NPN community!


Hi Andre, This is great. You framed the cow perfectly with the bend of the tree.

@Cameron_Wilcox @Lon_Overacker Thanks for the comments and welcome.