A different Multnomah falls

I know, who needs another Multnomah falls image?
However I took this a couple years ago after about 3 inches of rain fell in the Gorge in a day.
The second falls rarely makes an appearance, I was just lucky to be there.
Oh and it is nice that I can post it with the bridge…

iso50, 20mm, 1 sec.
Any comments appreciated.

You may only download this image to demonstrate post-processing techniques.
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Well that’s unique. Seen Multnomah falls countless times and had no idea there was the possibility of a second upper falls. Very nice capture.

Beautiful set of falls and real fine mood. To me, the blue sky throws off the mood of the image. It just looks out of place (I am sure others will prefer it included). I might be tempted to clone in some fog and miraculously make it disappear or experiment with crops. Not a huge deal though. Very nice image!

Dan, I for one have not seen these falls and very much appreciate the post. A beautiful scene,

Lovely (and rare) image. I fully agree with your comment about the bridge - it is part of the landscape! The patch of blue sky? Yes, it would be better if it was not there, but not a big deal for me.

Beautiful, Dan. Nicely composed and great mood. I do think the blue patch at the top is a bit of an eye grabber. I might suggest just desaturating before going to more destructive steps (e.g. clone, crop).

Thanks for all the comments.
I have several frames that are foggy all the way to the top.
Only one had the blue sky creeping through.
I liked it but I can easily produce the same image without the blue sky.

Foggy repost.

Both are very nice but I do prefer the foggy repost. To Harley’s point I think it helps the mood a bit. It’s nice you captured both.


I’ve only been once and I can say even if there wasn’t the secondary fall, this is an outstanding image. The fog/mist throughout adds a wonderful, dreamy mood and makes this one stand above so many from here. I might agree a bit about the blue sky up top. If anything, perhaps just dialing down the saturation just to reduce it’s presence and match the more muted colors due to the mist. Otherwise, no nits or suggestions. Wonderful!


This is a great view, Dan. The two falls at the top fading into the mist add outstanding atmospherics to the fine look and colors in and around the lower falls. I’m with Harley, in thinking that “dulling” the blue wedge at the top somewhat would add to the atmospherics. I just found the repost and think it’s a nice, subtle improvement.

This is absolutely gorgeous! I haven’t seen a photo of Multnomah quite like this. If there is any critique I would offer is there don’t appear to be any blacks in your shadows. With a little bit more contrast and color correction for your shadows this would close to perfect IMO.

This one of the nicest images of the falls I have seen. I do agree with Richard regarding adding a bit to the darks. The composition works wonderfully.

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Dan, with that second falls this is one of the most unique shots of Multnomah that I have ever seen. With that said, even without the second falls this would still be a great image due to the atmosphere created by the heavy mist . I prefer the composition of the original image over the re-post, which seems too busy in the near foreground. I agree with Lon’s comment on the original image, a de-saturation of the blue in the sky would help de-emphasize it. I downloaded it, applied a hue saturation layer in PS, and reduced saturation only in the blues, and then applied it only to the sky and mist via a mask.