A Different View of Otter Cliff

This image was taken from Great Head, near Sand Beach in Acadia. I was up around 3am to make the hike down to Great Head, there is a lot of up and down, glad I had my headlamp to light the way. I took the hike the day before in the afternoon so I had an idea of where I was going and what it would look like. There was a nice little scramble right at the end to be able to get down to this spot, I assume only visible at low tide. This was taken right as the sun came up over my left shoulder, keeping my foreground in shade as the sun just started to light the cliffs in the distance.

Specific Feedback Requested

Does it have the feeling of the first light of morning? Is it too bright generally? I was having a hard time bringing out detail int he rocks in the foreground with out doing some significant lightening with whites and the curves.

Is the water too bright in the foreground?

Colors look ok? Saturation?

My typical questions!

Technical Details

Is this a composite: No
Foreground shot is around 1 second, a second for the sky and cliffs was shorter. ISO 100, f 11

I really like your composition with the shapes of the rocks and water in the foreground. You ask if I think that the water is too bright and I would say definitely not. In fact, I personally would make it even brighter but I’m like that and I prefer brighter over darker.

@Tom_Nevesely thanks for the feedback. I’ve been leaning more toward brighter images as well recently, this one was tough because the rocks are really quite close to black, especially on the left side. I’ve taken another crack at bring ing up the luminosity a touch. Interested in your thoughts. I tried to focus it on the foreground only.

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