A Firm Pillow

My girl Tioga waiting for dad to get done photographing mud cracks in a Utah wash. She is an extremely patient photo dog.


Them there darn dawgs are a kick in the slats ain’t they?..I look at this way, our dogs will put up with a lot more than any wife would… :clown_face:
A really enjoyable scene here, Harley… :sunglasses:

Love your dog, Harley! What a trooper. Lucky you.

Better wake her up Harley. That shadow monster is about to eat her up. I love this. Don’t you just love the patience of a Labrador Retriever? I love this.

Excellent, Harley. I see David commented on the shadow. I was thinkinng about an approacing nightmare when I saw it. It adds a twist to the image that I find intriguing.

Such a great image of a beautiful dog. It’s no wonder they are called mans’ best friends. Hope she had a nice nap!!

Thanks @Paul_Breitkreuz , @David_Haynes , @linda_mellor , @Dennis_Plank and @Keith_Bauer. Tioga is an outstanding dog and is a real pleasure to have on trips. It makes hiking in national parks challenging, but otherwise it is all positives. My friends love having her along on our adventures.