A friend in the garden

So many creatures live in the garden that I rarely see—too often because I’m not looking. This lovely spider took up residence in a spot I often looked at and as a result watched it for weeks. Although I am not an expert, I believe it is Enoplognatha ovata – Candy-striped spider.

Specific Feedback Requested

Any and all

Technical Details

Sony 6000, 1/100, f/11, 60mm, ISO800, cropping in LR


John, you are so right, there are so many little creatures that live in our gardens and yards, and some are just so small that they go unnoticed. Since I have been into macro photography, I have been much more aware of the “smaller world”. It really has drawn me into macro photography, seeing such details in the little ones.

I love the position you caught him in. Hanging on the edge of a petal with legs hanging downward, I don’t think I have seen one do yet, so I’m enjoying the pose he gave you. I’m not familiar with the Candy-striped spider, but I’m guessing he is of the crab-spider family. I hope this shot draws you into macro as creatures like this did for me. It is “another world” to investigate and photograph and you don’t even have to leave home!

Thanks, Shirley. I’ve long enjoyed macro work, mainly using close-up rings and, yes, it is a world of endless discovery, mystery and joy.

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Definitely a little crabby! Love the hunting pose. They are so stealthy and patient. I’ve seen a crab spider bend petals to make a hunting blind and it worked really well for her. I wish it was a little sharper, but it’s still a nice example of how these girls do their thing.