A Light Snack + Repost

I am thrilled that our Bluebirds have decided to stay and deal with the aggressive Mockingbirds who do not want to share the yard with any other feathered friend. I was saddened when I pulled up this photo and realized the insect in his beak just happened to be my favorite, a Jumping Spider!

Specific Feedback Requested

Anything that might improve the image.

Technical Details

Is this a composite: No
Canon 7D Mark II, Sigma 150-600 mm , f7.1, 1/3200 (I was set up to capture in flight shots), ISO (on Auto) 500. Edited in LR, Topaz AI and NIK (to bring a bit more blue to the sky).

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A very nice image, Shirley. The spider is a nice bonus. Given his action and appearance, I suspect he’s raising babies so you might start watching for fledglings soon. Sweet light and I like the pose as well.

Thank you, Dennis. They are still adding to the nest, so I’m not sure. I will keep an eye out for sure. So glad they decided to stay.

Wonderful detail, Shirley, in both the bird and the spider. Sorry about the spider, but it looks like he went for a good cause. I like the composition and spacing you have given the bluebird so she can move about. Can’t imagine changing anything. Very nicely seen and captured.

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Hi Shirley, a fine capture with nice details on the bird. The prey (spider) is a nice bonus that adds interest to the shot. well done.

So nice to get a clean view with the spider in the beak. Very cool. Nice and sharp.

I think the bird could stand to be a bit brighter. Here’s a version with a couple of adjustments just to the BlueBird.

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Thank you. I like the adjustment, @Keith_Bauer. I had pulled up the shadows on the bird a bit, but this looks much better. Thank you.

Great capture! I love bluebirds too! They seem like such sweet birds! Unless you’re a spider. Sorry about your spider friend. Too bad we couldn’t train the birds what is acceptable and unacceptable in our eyes to hunt!

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Very nice look at the bluebird. Good detail and I like Keith’s adjustments.

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Excellent job on the detail and the bug. I like to pose, perch. I like what Keith did with the lighting.

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Thank you all so vey much. I went back into LR and made the change that @Keith_Bauer suggested. Does this look like I am close to the same as his edit?