A Little Piece of Paradise

Struggling to find a different composition of this commonly photographed waterfall, I found this spot, but wasn’t too confident I’d get much out of it. Even as I was capturing this shot, I just wasn’t feeling it. I’m sure it can use some improvement, but I’m happy it came out as well as it did. For me, the best part of nature photography is in the search, even if I don’t always get what I want, it’s still a fulfilling experience.


Agreed Kelly, the quest is everything. Enjoy the ride. Lovely photo also. Nicely done.

Thank you, Linda! I appreciate it!

I am sure that all landscape photographers have experienced “not feeling it.” Sometimes it presents surprising results. That is the case here. I think the scene is gorgeous. The colors and light quality are wonderful. That foreground water drop is a nice touch. The composition just leads me into the photograph. It’s like I’ve been hiking, turned a corner, and here is this incredible scene inviting me to move forward and see more. Great stuff!

Thank you, Marc, so much! I really appreciate it. I get so frustrated in the moment sometimes and I think just slowing down and letting things go can really help.

Good morning Kelly. I like how you captured the main fall and the small fall in front left. I sure wish I was there the scene is beautiful. You are right about photography. Sometimes the best part of the art is just being out in nature. Thank you for sharing.

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Hi Brian-
I am so sorry I haven’t responded to your comment sooner! I haven’t been on NPN for awhile. Thanks so much. It is such a gorgeous area.

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