A Mist in The Trees

A misty day near Sandy Oregon.

I hoped to show up to photograph the sunrise with Mount Hood in the background but was distracted by the fog in the trees in the valley below.

I took this photo back in 2014 but had forgotten about it until I decided to look for another photo and came across this one. I have a terrible backlog of photos. :smiley:

Please list any pertinent technical details or techniques:

Nikon D3 at 300mm
1/60 sec on a tripod. f/8 at 400 ISO


Very nice Gary! I like that there’s a nice zigzag of fog through the frame, a lot of similar images just have flatter layers.

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Hi Brent. I hear ya. In this case the Sandy River runs through the scene causing the zigzag pattern. Thanks!!

This is really gorgeous Gary. I love the sinuous flow of the fog, that zig-zag created by the river elevates this image several notches…

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Hi Ed. Thank you sir! I appreciate that. :wink:

Gary, you did a really nice job in framing (composing) this scene. Wonderful.

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@j112 Thank you Mark. :slight_smile:

Wonderful image - The mood, light, fog, color, texture of the trees, and composition are terrific.

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Hi Larry. Thank you sir. :slight_smile:

Great job of filling the shot with a mixture of different patterns from this scene. Lots for the viewer to enjoy and the zig-zag of mist takes them thru the shot thoroughly. Well done!