A new addition to the world

Someone has some nestlings. Not sure if it’s a robin or another bird that has blue eggs like this, but when I found it in the driveway, I had to get there with the macro. The sun blessed me, too, lighting this like a museum piece. There were a couple of other egg shells in the yard as well; white ones. So it looks like everyone has a full nest!

Specific Feedback Requested

Well sure, have at it. I think it’s still where I left it so if the hail and the monsoon we’re having right now doesn’t wreck it, I can shoot it again.

Technical Details

Is this a composite: No
Lumix G9
P/L DG 45mm f/2.8 macro
f/5 | 1/60 sec. | ISO 200
Handheld, but the camera was directly on the ground.

Lr & Ps to manage highlights and texture in the bg and immediate fg (soften slightly and darken) and maximize texture and clarity in the egg. A bit of a vignette and nr.


Kris, I agree, it is lit up with lighting that couldn’t have been much better than the spotlight in a museum. A nice find and captured so nicely. That low point of view is nice, and the out of focus background makes the shell the center piece. I’m not sure what kind of bird this belongs to either. Maybe you will soon find out when the begin to leave the nest. Hope you can get some nice photos of them as well. You can send some of that rain to NC! We are in a drought here.

I wish I could - raining again today and for the next several. Maybe the holiday weekend won’t be a washout, but … who knows.

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Nice shot. Something I sometimes see and never photograph. Good idea. I like how you have the delicate broken egg shell in amongst the hard gravel. A Robin’s egg would be my guess.

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So beautifully photographed, Kris! It does look like a museum display! I really like the blurred bg too! It looks like a Robin’s egg to me too. It’s nice to see what looks like a successful hatching! Nicely captured!

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Kris: Looking down can certainly provide some unique and interesting subject matter. Really good lighting of a fascinating subject. Most excellent. >=))>