A quick flip to position the prey, then down the hatch

African Pied Kingfishers are extremely fast fliers, but after sitting in an elevated position, overlooking a stretch of inland water, they will take off, identify a target, then hover for a few seconds, giving a photographer just enough time to acquire focus, and lock on before they just drop towards the water with no notice at all.

After catching a little fish or frog, they will fly to a branch and proceed to beat the prey to death, before swallowing it whole.

Image: Canon 1DX MKii / 200mm-400mm f4 +Built in 1.4x TC
1/1,2500th f8 ISO 800![_39I0275-Edit|513x500]

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Amazing catch Tim. … . for both you and the kingfisher. I’ve never seen a kingfisher so this is a special treat for me. Thanks for posting it.

Tim you must have the patience of Job to seek and get these great shots - thank you very much for sharing!

A great catch for you and the bird, Tim. Hard to believe that bird would be able to swallow that fish whole. Amazing shot.

This is a great shot, Tim! Exposure and detail are both excellent and the impaled fish makes it unique.
Very nice job!