A ray of sun -reworked


Critique Style Requested: Initial Reaction

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Questions to guide your feedback

Wing-drying Cormorant images are common to the point of cliché, but I think that the sun turning the plumage into bronze made it interesting.

Other Information

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Technical Details

Leica SL, Sigma 150-600 Sports @ 600. PureRaw 3 → Photoshop 23, Topaz Photo AI, quite some dodging and burning.
Love it or hate it :wink:, the processing was laimed at this result.

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OK…WOW, just WOW! :open_mouth:

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Yup, the bronze iridescence sets this one apart. Sharpness looks good although there seems to be a cloning artifact just under the left wing. Also seems a bit cyan to me, but that could be an artistic choice and the colors do harmonize well. Quite beautiful and striking.

Excellent suggestions - I missed the clone artefact; I removed a dodging overspill there.
A minor rework. :smiley: Thanks for the kind words.

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Glad to help. The sheen you caught is a wonder.

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First impression: I love the pose and composition. The wings are wonderfully detailed and have great color, but could benefit from more punch (and deserve it). And after reading Kris’ comment and seeing the repost, you nailed the bird and perch. Have you tried it leaving the water the same color as the original post?

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First impression; I was bothered by the background and the dark face and neck. Lovely wing detail.

Not much I can do about the sea with an aquatic bird…

Hi Jaapv
The repost is better. The only nit I had withe the first post was the bark head. I like the framing.