A Real Loud Mouth

This young Red Shouldered hawk would show up in my yard almost every morning announcing his presence quite vociferously. This one morning he finally perched in an area where I could actually get a clear view. Olympus 300mm f4 @ f4.0, 1/125 sec, ISO 1250, hand held and heavily cropped.

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He is beautiful, Steve. I love the perch, and the face on look (I always enjoy seeing both eyes of birds, for some reason). That is really nice that he is visiting your yard, and so glad that you were able to get a photo of him.

Thank you Shirley. The image was taken two months ago, but he’s since spread his territory and only now visits occasionally. As a youngster he was eating bugs and lizards here in FL. One day he plucked a lizard off my screened in lanai which was amazing to see, especially since he didn’t leave a single mark on the screen.

That is amazing, Steve, and I am sure fun to have watched. I think the juveniles are much less afraid of us humans, and so they do venture closer.

Having done a bit of bird photography myself, I can truly appreciate the beauty of this image and the skill (and luck if you will) to take one. Thanks for posting it here for our inspiration.