A sea of sand

I was exploring various ‘wide-scene’ potential images in this large sand dune area during a sand storm when I switched to a longer focal length. A veritable cornucopia of images then appeared. I chose this composition because I have a strong attachment to deep sea endeavours, and the sandy scene looked just like a disturbed deep sea swell with water being blown off the top of some waves (TLC).

Specific Feedback Requested

Always appreciate your comments and suggestions, even if it is just to let me know it is boring and doesn’t have a point of focus (but I hope not). I tried it in B&W but thought the little touch of colour that is naturally in the sand was better.

Technical Details

1/80s f5.6 ISO 200
m4/3 75mm


I think it’s lovely! The curves/shapes/lines are very nicely arranged and the slightly different center area is enough center of interest for me. The grain gives the surface a presence and the soft color adds to the subtlety.

This is a very subtle image, Phil. And that’s a good thing. I find myself staring and pondering, and enjoying the scene. The soft shading, lines, and shapes really pull you in. Nice work.

Thanks for your kind comments @Diane_Miller and @David_Bostock . I enjoy very subtle images a lot, however I do realise that they seem to ‘lack’ interest or points of focus for many viewers. As always, when viewers look at a subtle image the photographer obviously can’t expect them to have any attachment to the scene other than what is displayed. Subtle is just that, subtle to some, lacking in interest to others. Doesn’t put me off though . Cheers.

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