A tight curve after a nith of rain

In the mddle of the Appennins, in the Sibillini mountais, in the centuries a small stream cut the mountain and created a very narrow gorge called Inferno gorge, not always easy to cross. It rained all the night and before dawn the stream was still trying to find its way.

Specific Feedback Requested

I am grateful for any comment and help

Technical Details

D850, Nikkor 24-70 at 58mm - 1/4, f/11, ISO 100 - The work 75% in RAW and 25% in Photoshop

Is this a composite: No

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This photo is like an abstract to me. I keep seeing different things in it. I think this is a pleasing composition in the way you’ve arranged the elements - the large rocks in front framed by dark water, the almost S shape of the white water, the darker elements in the UR corners, and the gold and green rocks interspersed throughout.

Giuseppe, Love the low perspective and the leading s curve. Perfect shutter speed also. Nice image!

The upper 2/3rds makes a good image. Is this an HDR image. The gradations between dark and light seem rather abrupt. It’s pretty contrasty and doesn’t feel very realistic. But that’s OK because you are free to interpret as you wish.

Thanks Chris, Mario and Igor. I try an answer that takes into account of all your comments. Yes Chris I studied with attention the composition lying in the ground on the cold dawn. I am glad that you like it.
“Is like an abstract to me” reconnects for me to : " the graduations between dark and light seem rather abrupt". I tried a clear and stark separation between the main tones, light and shadow, trying to keep the spirit of the place (too much?). It is an HDR image? No. “… doesn’t feel very realistic”. Perfect, before dawn in the Infernaccio gorge nothing is real.
I am very glad of your comments that seem to confort me that I have captured the mood of the place.

Igor I will be grateful if you can tell me what you don’t like in the 1/3 in the bottom. I can try to improve it.

There is banding in this rework but you should not have that issue with the original. I brought down the highlights a bit and reduced the clarity to more diffused forms. Would love to see the raw image from the camera.

Like I said, perhaps that’s the look you wanted. The composition itself is excellent imo.

I rather like this one. I cropped a bit off the top to bring a bit more emphasis to the foreground, which I think works great. It is not a big change.

Yes Igor I have no banding in my original. How can I send the RAW with NPN parameters?

Harley I think that it is a good chance, I like your image better than mine.

Convert the raw to jpeg without any processing done to it. I think that’s what you meant. Since these files are downloadable I would never post the raw file itself (which can’t be done anyway).

Ok Igor this is the nef. I am sure that you like it better and now I too. The spirit of the Infernaccio pushed me toward a dim, highly contrasted image but I went too far. The original photo is better and I have tried to show in my next post.
Thanks for your kind help Igor.