A Touch of Kindness

The juvenile coot continually cried out without a return call. The female mallard swam close for a while until she touched the tail briefly and the crying temporarily stopped, a touching moment of love.

Please list any pertinent technical details or techniques to help others.

Hand held capture/ Canon EOS 77D/SS 1/2000/F 4.0/ISO 1000/Lens Canon 70-200mm

Great moment you’ve captured Laura. It is so much fun watching these juveniles making their way in the world. Lovely image, thanks for sharing.

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My pleasure, it’s great to see the activity, the pier I am seeing this from was added by the Arizona Game and Fish Department last summer. All of that was previously hidden by tall rushes that prevented anyone from seeing what we could only hear, it is such a great way to see into the world of the wetlands.

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