About free lunches, or lack thereof

Thank you Igor - this is exactly how I saw it. I agreed with just about everything that Mr. Bernstein said, and I also sympathize with his very strong feelings, as I feel that way myself. There is an important difference between being passionate and being insulting. He was passionate, but nobody should have felt insulted by the way he chose to call a spade a spade.
You and I have often disagreed on any number of topics, and I suspect that we are both straight-talking hot-heads. But I have never felt insulted by any of your replies, and I hope that you feel the same way about mine. In this case, you have summarized Mr. Bernstein’s likely motives and motivations much much better than I could ever had. Thanks again!!

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Just my two cents concerning workshops.

If a photographer is operating on public land he must have a guide’s license, first aid training, current permits from the federal government, sometimes the state government and a minimum of $1M of business liability insurance. Within those guidelines lie the rules for operating these workshops safely, ethically and responsibly. If anyone is operating outside those guidelines they’re most likely doing so outside of the law.

I’ve been operating legal, permitted workshops on public land while adhering to rules and common sense for the last eight years and find that workshops are a great place to teach the ethos of ethical photography practices, non environmentally sensitive locations as well as photography skills.

If the workshop instructor is doing it right, their workshops benefit the photography community as well as Nature and our public lands.