About the Image Critiques category

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• The images in this category are only visible to Full NPN members.
• Please only post one image (or group of similar images) per day, per category.
• You may post several options of the same image with different processing, compositions, etc. to ask opinions on a preferred image.
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To make the most of your participation in this category, we suggest the following when posting a photo;

  • Be prepared to accept all comments - both positive and negative - in an objective fashion. Remember, it’s the photo being critiqued, not the photographer.
  • If there is any specific feedback you are looking for, such as comments on composition, lighting, etc. be sure to ask for it in your post.

Some suggestions when posting comments on other photos;

  • State what you like about the photo and why.
  • Comment on what you think can be improved.
  • Whenever possible, provide suggestions on how to improve the photo.
  • Keep all comments congenial and respectful! All comments should pertain completely to the photo.

Please review the NPN Posting Guidelines, and The Art of Image Critique for additional guidance and information. If you see a post in conflict with our Posting Guidelines, please flag the post and a moderator will be notified.