I have a suggestion for the site. How about a category in the gear section for accessories. The right accessory gear in the right moment can make or break photos, or in general use can greatly simplify your photo life.

I just went through the process of setting up for a protracted non-nature photo project, which led to the discovery of accessories that will now have a home in my bag for future nature shoots. I bet other folks have similar accessories they treasure which would be useful to others.

Am I reaching too far in suggesting a dedicated accessory section?

I wouldn’t think that’s too much. I’m sure we all have things we’ve found that make life easier, Hank. Our local camera club has a monthy “practical photography” meeting and I suggested something similar for it. It hasn’t happened yet, but I’ll keep pushing.

All the photo magazines publish the “what’s in your kit” from their contributors, but they seem to stop at cameras and lenses and maybe filters.

We’re sharing experiences Dennis. I’m always on the lookout for ways to do things better and easier in the field, But info is often scattered or non-existent. It would be handy for me if NPN started a “repository” of info.

Tony, how about a tag “Accessories”. A post could have two tags "Camera Gear, “Accessories”. Would that work you?

That certainly works for me Preston. Good suggestion, but I’ll accept Tony’s lead, however he wants to do it.

Love to be able to track accessories better. Don’t even get me started on wireless flash photography! :blush:

Good idea, I’ve added a tag in the gear category called accessories-gear