Derelict building surrounded by unused work implements on a ranch in the Elk River Valley, near Steamboat Springs, Colorado. One can only guess why this building, and the tools surrounding it, are being allowed to succumb to the elements. Based solely on the design of each it can be surmised that they have been here for an extended period of years.

Technical Details

Composite: No
EF 28-70mm @ 32mm; f/6.7 @ 1/45 sec, -0.5 EV, ISO 100

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Why is it that with old remains we usually like B&W images more than the coloured ones ? Is it something to do with how we remember and perceive the past or is it because old photographs used to be monochromatic so the feeling stuck with us ?

Ismar: I believe it is for any number of reasons related to human perception. Monochrome reminds us of the time when photos were only produced in B&W so it makes the subjects appear from the past; monochrome images rely solely on tone/contrast which can render more texture which, in turn, exaggerates the feeling of age—think portraiture; increasing contrast in color images tends to make them appear “overcooked” very easily, e.g. early HDR processing was a fad that faded quickly. Ansel Adams did color work for a while but abandoned it because he could not manipulate the contrasts as he could with B&W, a signature of his processing virtuosity.