Admiration of the orange infant

Dusky Langurs are an old world primate found mainly in Malaysia. The females give birth to orange babies that change to the normal colour in about 4 months. There are at least 3 other species in the same group who also have orange babies. Primatologists speculate as to why this occurs. Clearly some mutation occured some time back that gave the species a survival advantage. There is no doubt that the arrival of the orange infant elicits a mothering instinct in mature females within the troop and the mother gets assistance. The assistance drops away as the colour fades.

The admiration can be seen in this image

Canon EOS1DX Mark 3, Tamron 150-600mm lens @ 329mm, 1/640, f8, ISO 2000…handheld.

Please list any pertinent technical details or techniques to help others.


What a beautiful family. Thank you for sharing. I’m really enjoying this.

Thank you for posting this wonderful photo and providing the very informative message. It is all new information for me and much appreciated.

Great story and very interesting facts, looks like baby has some divine color. :grinning: :grinning: