Description: I was finally able to get out to do some photography. All of 20 ft from the front door. That was enough to capture the leaf pattern in this Aeonium, which I think is lovely. And enough for my foot to tell me – enough for now!

Specific Feedback Requested:

All comments welcome!

Pertinent technical details or techniques:

Is this a composite? (focus stacks or exposure blends are not considered composites)

Canon R5, Canon 100-500 + 2X (for the reach – I love these long macro lenses!), f/11, 1/100 sec, ISO 800. Open shade. Focus stack with OOF areas added back at the edges. This species has dull reddish tips on the leaves that I love in real life but found distracting in the image, so I went to B/W and was able to eliminate by balancing the colors – mostly reds and greens. That made the shapes and shadows much more prominent. Cropped from the top and bottom.

Hi Diane, I hope you continue to heal. This is a great image and B&W works well to create a geometric feel to nature. I also like how the edges seem to glow. Well done for a 20ft excursion. :clap:

September was a bad moderator month for me. (dopeslap) So this one fell through the cracks as well. Better late than never!!

Not sure what color space/profile you’ve got here, but TK actions wouldn’t work and I had to tell Photoshop to ignore your settings. So I couldn’t do what I wanted to do, but this is close -

Curves & levels to create some darker areas to contrast w/the light. You could go further of course.

I love the shapes and textures in there. The gradients are really subtle and that’s something else you could play with. Good times!!

@Kris_Smith, thanks for having a look! I pulled the image and indeed it has an unrecognized profile. Not sure why, as I always export from LR with the same NPN preset. But here it is again – with a slight Curves to increase contrast a bit. Should be in sRGB now.

I’ll play with some TK masking when I get a minute, now that I’m figuring it out.

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