African Tawny Eagles jostle for position at an African Wild Dog kill!

As we watched, and documented a pack of African Wild Dogs literally shredding a hapless Impala, ( African medium size antelope) two African Tawny Eagles arrived, jostling for position as they flew in to scavenge for the scraps which were being flung around in the feeding frenzy !

From the moment the dogs actually caught the Impala to the point that all that remained was a pair of horns and a few strips of skin, and the odd bone, the entire incident lasted only 8 minutues!

Location: Okavango Delta ( Botswana)
Equipment: Sony A7Riv / Sony 400mm f2.8+2x TC mounted on a monopod with a uni-directional floating head.

1/640th f6.3 ISO 800

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In the right place at the right time!
Nicely exposed, sharp, at eye level and in flight
Love this overall Tim

Minor, very minor - perhaps a little more space to the left ?

BTW - what is a unidirectional floating head ? who makes this ?

Hi Karl. Thanks Bud. Unfortunately this was one of a sequence of 15 pics and I just had to shoot what I could…No time to compose. Your kind input is sincerely appreciated however. Have an awesome day.

Hi Tim !
Welcome to NPN ! Just love the Eagles with different wings position.
Would like to see more frames from this sequence !

Cheers !

Welcome to NPN, Tim. What a great find and capture to present for your first image on the site! In the Showcase galley, we are asked not to critique, but I don’t have any issues (nits as we call them on the site) with this wonderful image). Just beautiful. Looking forward to more of you images. If you do desire critiques, you will want to post them in the critique gallery of the category your image best fits.

Hi Guys. I am the last person to pretend that I know it all. Far from it. However, my post was an image which is rather unusual, which I wanted to display as the sort of work that I do. With deep respect, I really wasn’t looking for any critiques per se`… But with that said, I am always open to constructive input.

I am a brand new member, and have today signed up for the yearly membership, because it looks like a fun platform, and if I can learn, or help others, then that’s also cool.

I live in South Africa, and my wife and I travel extensively in and around the wilderness areas of sub-Saharan Africa. Unfortunately our escapades have been curtailed as we are presently in strict Corvid 19 lock-down for the seeable future…

I have been personally invested in, and involved in wildlife conservation for many years, and after my wife and I had done ail the “hard yards” in life, we have had time to play. So just for the educational benefits and sheer selfish enjoyment, we both studied Level No1, No2 and No3 , and then completed our internships at the acclaimed Sabi Sabi Game Reserve as qualified Field Guides /Rangers . We also complete our post graduate Trails Guide/Ranger qualifications also at Sabi Sabi. We added a number of courses with the SA Snakebite Institute, and completed an Elephant Workshop at Tembe Elephant Reserve hosted by Dr. Johan Marais, a recognised authority on elephants in South Africa.

While I don’t run safaris commercially, I have guided numerous foreign photographers and guests (For the enjoyment with no financial reward) and strongly believe in paying forward by teaching others where appropriate.

I post regularly on my feed on Instagram: timdriman

You can find a fairly comprehensive Bio about me on my website

Wow, that is impressive, Tim, and we are just delighted to have you as a member here at NPN. I am quite sure you will be an asset to many of us in our journey in photography, and hopefully, we can be helpful from time to time in our critiques, as I have found another set of eyes sometimes can see a tiny flaw that I might have overlooked.

Hopefully this lock down will be over for all of us soon. Just pray everyone comes through this safely. Stay safe, and I am really looking forward to your photos and your comments. Again, welcome to NPN!

Hi Tim:

Welcome to NPN. A lovely record shot of the eagles. Very nice.

You mentioned

I’ll offer an apology from NPN. You posted this in the Showcase section which means folks are NOT to provide critique or input. Posting in the Critique gallery is the place to ask for critiques and constructive input. You should not have received any comments on how folks think you could improve your image.

We look forward to your participation and hope that you’ll join in on both venues available to NPN members.

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Welcome, Tim. I favor shooting birds of prey and have to say, to my eye, this is definitely a wall-hanger. Super capture. Two killer subjects for the price of one. I would not change a thing if it were mine. I look forward to seeing more of your work.

Un seul mot Superbe.

Nice comp, focus and color!

Superb shot! Welcome to the community, I look forward to seeing more of your work.