After an Alaska Ice fog

What technical feedback would you like if any? Any

What artistic feedback would you like if any? Any, should I take some off the top?

Pertinent technical details or techniques:

(If this is a composite, etc. please be honest with your techniques to help others learn) f/10, 1/500 sec., ISO 400, 75 mm.


David, I really like this. the light is really nice. I don’t think I have seen a scene like this with the ice fog. Very pretty.

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Thank you. I was really lucky with the sunlight on one side and the ice fog on the other. An Alaskan ice fog is really something to see. Everything turns white with white ice crystals. It gives the feeling of being in a fantasy world.

I personally like the room you left at the top, David. Beautiful scene, beautifully captured. Nice work.

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Just excellent light! Love the warm cabin light in the cold snow. Excellent sharpness and color management. I will disagree with @terryb about the openness of the upper 1/2 of the image. There’s too much contrast of textures between the bottom and top half and for me the image is too heavily weighted on the bottom. I personally would prefer taking a little off the top.

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Amazingly beautiful conditions and light. I’ve been able to shoot in freezing fog a few times, and it can be a magical experience.

Less is more. Here is another vote to reduce the amount of sky. This makes the frosty trees more prominent, and to me they are what is unique about the image. I do not like the out of focus spruce boughs in the foreground, they are a distraction to crop or clone away. I would crop to eliminate the space below the spruce to the left of the house. Here is a rework showing where I would take this image…

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Thanks for the suggestions. I do think I should be a barber and take a little off the top. However, Ed’s cropping --although excellent-- showed me that the house isn’t level and the right end seems to sink. Should it be level, or does this slight dip give it more depth? The angle of the house was not a straight on shot which I would say would make the shot less interesting.