After Daybreak & repost of original crop

My original pano crop based on @Han_Schutten suggestion…

This is a field that is a 5 minute bike ride from where I live, so a constant landscape to work with, but constantly changing scene through the seasons. I captured this late last summer. I had been working on capturing the field just right with the goal of eventually capturing the swallows who hunt in it. I’ve posted one similar a while back, but think I might like this one better.

Specific Feedback Requested

Does the 5x4 crop look ok? Processing? Depth of field? Does this even work? Anything else…

Technical Details

Just after sunrise and shooting towards the sun, so it’s obviously backlit. Panned the swallows, so wasn’t sure where exactly I’d end up but I thought it captured the part of the field and depth of focus that was pleasing. 1/2000, f/6.3, 800 ISO, 300mm (450mm equivalent) Brought down brightness, exposure, added contrast and crop.

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A nice contribution to this week’s challenge. Different from the obvious reaction of posting a vaste landscape, I like it.
Maybe a bit contra-intuitive, but I’m tempted to make a pano crop, e.g. the HDTV 16:9 ratio. Although there is less to be seen in the image, a pano crop gives me more feeling of “open space” than the image that you presented. I’ll add the image here, don’t know if this works for you (or other members).

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Thanks for commenting @Han_Schutten and your feedback! I like it! Actually it’s funny but that was a long the lines of what I had originally posted but had no response, then I added this crop still no response, then took out the pano. My pano was a bit different with the top edges of the field showing because I thought it better exemplifies the open space…,

But I think I like yours better with just the field. Thanks again!

Vanessa, this is wonderful. I think that cropping the background out compromises the overall image. The birds are just too close to the edge. I like your last post the best.

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I missed your first post apparently, but I agree with @David_Bostock . As always: there is no single best image, so you decide according to your taste. Well seen anyway.

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Thanks @David_Bostock and @Han_Schutten for your feedback. I personally like it less cropped too as it gives the swallows more space!