Alabama Hills Vignette

This is inspired by @Ed_McGuirk’s “Am I blue?” post and @Kerry_Gordon’s question about “voice” in his Algonquin Red Pines II.

This image is from the infamous Alabama Hills. I have been going there for many years but have not been taking more than a handful of images from there perhaps fearing of being unoriginal. This one is from a trip in 2017. I still have a fond memory of that trip when it was storming hails in the middle of the night. I fiddled with this image after the trip, was not thoroughly happy with it, and had completely forgotten about it. And then I saw Ed’s image and I thought of this image. I have added a version of it with a white border for those that may enjoy seeing it that way. As always all comments and feedbacks are greatly appreciated. I also hope to contribute to Kerry’s original question.


Very ominous Adhika. I had no idea Alabama had rock formations of this type. Nicely done and thanks for sharing it.

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Great otherworldly look. The blues work well with the mood and the image works quite well for me. Nice rescue from the archives.

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For me, this image speaks directly to what I was talking about. It feels very personal to me. There is a sense in which this photograph says as much about the photographer as it does about the Alabama Hills where was is taken. There is an intimacy to this image that comes about not just because of the POV. It feels like a photograph taken by someone who knows this place well rather than by someone just passing through . Maybe it isn’t always the case, but I like to believe that you have to know a place to make a picture like this. The blue to red is full of mystery and gives me the impression that this is not just a place on the map but a place in the mind. Beautifully imagined and, I think, well worth the wait.


Adhika, the rock formations are fascinating. Having them fade into the blue mist creates a nice sense of mystery. The picture does stand out better with the white border, which also gives it a “museum mount” feeling, although the white border makes the blue seem a bit too strong.

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This image does have a “Voice” for sure, it is quite unique. Of the the literally thousands of images that I have seen from the Alabama Hills, none of them look like this, which makes that voice speak even louder. This would also fit nicely into your Lord of the Rings collection, this one has some wonderful mystical qualities to it. The other thing that I find interesting about this image is that unlike many fog images, the fog is not playing a major role in creating the mood. Rather its the colors and shapes that create the mood for me.

I’m also glad that a lake in New Hampshire could help inspire you to rescue a shot of the Alabama Hills from the recycle bin :smile:

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Thanks, @linda_mellor, @Harley_Goldman, @Kerry_Gordon, @Mark_Seaver, @Ed_McGuirk!

Well, I am glad that the blue/red combination works well here. I think that was the biggest change I made from the initial edit to this one.

Nice shot of this very interesting rock formation, Adhika! The rocks have an ominous feel to them and the warm bottom fading to the cold top actually accents that feeling. I think the white border works particularly well for this shot. Good choice for the challenge!

Thanks, @Gary_Minish! Much appreciated.