All the Colors of Spring

This image was taken in the Berkshire Mountains of western Massachusetts in late May 2020, just as the pandemic lockdown restrictions were starting to ease up a little. This image incorporates a number of recurring themes in my work, spring foliage colors, shooting on the edge of a season, foggy forests, and the beauty of trees. But the element that I enjoy most is that this image captures a myriad of green and yellow tones, showcasing the best of spring color. The colors tell a nature story of growth and rebirth. These ephemeral colors last for only about a week, so I feel very fortunate to have caught them at their peak.

What artistic feedback would you like if any?

Any critique and comment is welcome

Pertinent technical details or techniques:

Canon 5D MkIV, Canon 70-200mm f4 lens at 75mm, ISO 400, 1/4 sec at f16

Whilst most of us think “Fall” colors, you have so rightly pointed out this small window in the Spring where one can even see those brighter colors early on.
Here I see that you have brought out the shades of green so well and have that lovely layer of fog to boot!

Well done Ed!

I really like this very much. There are subtle layers here from front to back that are effective because they’re not well defined. The sharpness in detail also falls off with these layers, as well as brightness. Not much to suggest. The partial bright tree in center at the bottom of the frame starts to draw your attention. Once you notice it it keeps coming back (OCD?). I might burn it in.

This is just one of those images that is so inviting and a real joy to view and it only gets better when opening the larger version. The spring colors have such a delicate and fleeting feeling to them along with a wonderful glow and luminance and that light fog swirling about the trees is magical. You do these edge of the season images so well and this one is no exception. Good to see that you were able to finally get out and capture some spring scenes as it was a long time coming.

No suggestions from me, Ed. I really love the luminence of the FG greens balanced out wonderfully by the fog at the top.

This is lovely Ed. We see lots of fall foliage shots but not as many spring foliage photos like this. The contrast between highlights and shadow is perfect. The dash of yellow really helps too.