Namib Desert, Namibia
2014:05:28 23:46:38
80-400mm @ 130mm
1/500 sec, f/10
Mode: Av
Metering: Spot
Exp comp: +1/3
ISO: 320
White balance: Auto
Flash: Off

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Lovely image Sandy! It could be my laptop, but I’d prefer a touch less cyan in the sky. A “truer” blue would really make the reds pop, I bet.

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The lone figure at the top of the wave gives the viewer a great sense of scale. Since I’ve never been to Namibia I cannot comment on the color hue, but the colors look natural to me. Do like the pano format.


This is a fine desert landscape on its own - but the figure on the edge of the of the dune really takes this to the next level, at least in terms of telling a story. Funny, when I read the title and first viewed the image I thought, sure, desolate landscape, remote, sure, “Alone” is appropriate. It took a few seconds to discover the person standing there and then, "Ahhhh… " I get it. :wink:

Would agree with Hank on the color of the sky. The dunes look great.


Love the warm colors and angle of the light. That lone figure on the top makes for a good scale reference. Fine time of day for photography.

Sandy, this is a fresh perspective after seeing so many images made at Death Valley. I like the subtle puffy clouds. I am still torn about the lone figure. The purist in me wants him/her gone, but it does add a very nice sense of scale to the image.

Sandy, this is a lovely simple image. It reminds me of a Charlie Waite image. Simple clean and strong lines. I’d be pretty proud of this.

The sky does seem quite pale, especially for this part of the world where it can be a deep blue. That said I think you should be sympathetic to the conditions on the day.

The only drawback for me is the person on the dune. I have no issue with people being in these shots, especially to show scale, but in this case I find it distracting and draws your eye from the beauty of the dunes.

Other than that I think it’s a really beautiful image!

Great detail and a fine composition, Sandy - I love the way the ridges in the sands echo each other and the whole mass moves diagonally across the frame. I also find the sky a touch strong - but then I don’t know the desert skies !

Ok everyone, comments much appreciated. I’m traveling, home in a week, will change sky then. It actually was very blue in Africa and I toned it down a lot cuz I didn’t think anyone would believe it! :roll_eyes: