Alpaca? And Re-post

Description: There were a number of these animals grazing in a field owned by Oregon State University. I thought this one had the cutest face. Not sure if these are alpacas. They seemed too small and otherwise not right for llamas. Maybe a hydrid. There is also something called a lama, which seems similar. A positive ID appreciated.

Specific Feedback Requested: Any

Pertinent technical details or techniques:

Canon 7DII; Sigma 150-600 at 421 mm; 1/250@f6.3; ISO 200

Nice image, Allen. I’m thinking Alpaca as well. I just did a quick search and if you look for Alpaca vs Llama you’ll get lots of hits. The Llama looks like it has longer ears than this and it has a relatively stubby snout which unfortunately isn’t showing well in this view. The big difference is size. Alpaca’s are ~150 lb and Llama’s over 400 lb.

I think you could take a tad off the top and right on this one. All the extra room on top makes it feel like it’s sinking out the bottom of the frame.

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Excellent point. I see what you mean. Definitely not a llama, but I read that llamas and alpacas will hybridize and these animals are part of OSU’s animal husbandry program so you never know what they’re trying.

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Nice catch, Allen. I agree with the crop suggestion. I can’t help with the ID though.

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Re-post based on Dennis’s suggestion.

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The RP is great with the top sliced off. Would you think about cloning out the ear tag?

Looks a little more like an alpaca, but it could be a hybrid.

Hi Glenys. Thanks for commenting. I did think about it. My issue with doing that is confusing a casual viewer into thinking this was captured in the wild. The tag states otherwise. A winning photo in a recent wildlife competition was that of a wolf in a zoo. There was no way the judges could know this and in my opinion such a photo doesn’t count as wildlife.