AMA - Brooks Jensen

For our first Ask Me Anything of the new year, we are thrilled to have @Brooks_Jensen joining us. The AMA will start on January 5th at 10:00 am Eastern time (1:00 pm UTC/GMT) for 24 hours only!

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You can also learn more about his publication LensWork at

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Brooks’ Bio

Brooks Jensen is a fine-art photographer, publisher, workshop teacher, and writer. In his personal work he specializes in small prints, handmade artist books, and digital media publications.

He is the owner, co-founder (in 1993, with his late wife, Maureen), editor, and publisher of the award winning LensWork, one of today’s most respected and important periodicals in fine art photography. With subscribers in more than 70 countries, Brooks’ impact on fine art photography is truly worldwide. His long-running weekly podcasts on art and photography are heard over the Internet by thousands every day. All 1,300+ podcasts are available at LensWork Online, the LensWork membership website. He also publishes a daily Here’s a Thought… video with short inspiration for creative photographers.

LensWork Publishing is also at the leading edge in multimedia and digital media publishing with the LensWork Tablet Edition, and LensWork Extended Computer Edition — a PDF-based, media-rich expanded version of the magazine.

Brooks is the author of fourteen books about photography and creativity: Photography, Art, & Media (2016); The Creative Life in Photography (2013); Letting Go of the Camera (2004); Single Exposures (3 books in a series, random observations on art, pho- tography and creativity); Looking at Images (2014); The Best of the LensWork Interviews (2016); Seeing in SIXES (2016); Seeing in SIXES (2017); Seeing in SIXES (2018); Seeing in SIXES (2019); and Our Magnificent Planet (2020 and 2021).