Amazon Kingfisher, female

Taken from a moving boat on a river in Costa Rica; late afternoon sidelight.

Specific Feedback Requested


Technical Details

ISO 1250, 500+1.4 X, F8, 2000th, D500, 75% of full frame


Hi David! This is great considering you were in a moving boat. Good detail and lighting, and the background works very well. I’m on the fence about cloning out the spider thread in LR corner.

Well done!

Excellent, David. Beautiful detail and a nice pose. Don’t even think about removing the spider thread!

Nice capture David. That is some beak! Nice colors and sharpness throughout. Must be looking for her next meal.

I’m in agreement with Dennis. DO NOT remove the spider thread. I think it adds to the environment, and gives it a reality that would otherwise be missing if you removed it. What a large beak this bird has. The iridescent wings are beautifully lit and you controlled the whites really well. Shooting in Costa Rice is TOUGH. This is well done. There is a little bit of magenta in the branch/perch that could easily be removed if it bothered you.

Really nice light makes this image. Another vote for leaving the spider thread. The environment matters.

David, I really like the image and don’t think I would remove spider web. The light is excellent and good detail in the bird. Kingfishers are one of my favorites and not easy to get close enough for a decent shot.

Count me in for keeping the spider web, David. Awesome image.