American Oystercatcher

Hi All,

Shot this at Chincoteague also. It was my first time seeing oystercatchers, and a couple of them gave me a good opportunity. This one walked in front of a grassy dune with the bay behind it.

In post, I cropped a bit for comp., did a curves adjustment, added 5 points of saturation, +2 to the blues in color balance, sharpened the bird and reduced noise on the BG. All C&C welcome.

700mm, handheld
ISO 400

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Lyle, I don’t believe I have ever seen an Oystercatcher at Chincoteague before. Such a great capture of him, with a lovely background to make him stand out. I really like the eye level that you captured him at. Wonderful details. Great shot.

Thanks, @Shirley_Freeman. I parked at the far right parking lot at the beach and walked as far down the beach as I could, about 1.5 miles. I saw about 12-14 oystercatchers total, I believe. Several looked to be nesting, but I didnt see any chicks.

Okay, that explains it. I have never gone down there. If I get back up that way again hopefully I can check it out. Thanks for the information.

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Great low angle, Lyle, and that makes the depth of field look even thinner than it is, but the bird is perfectly sharp-an interesting optical illusion. I love the background and the exposure of the Oystercatcher looks spot on.

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Beautiful low perspective. I really like the thin line of in focused sand and the detail in the bird. Great color overall.

Very nice Lyle. Love how you shot this with the low angle and distant background. Terrific exposure. No nits from me. Well done.

Another wonderful shot Lyle. Nice low angle, soft and colorful oof back ground and bird is sharp and nice and square. A dandy.

POV is super sweet. Makes my back hurt thinking about it. SUch a narrow depth of filed blurring out the foreground and the background leaving a well exposed OC. Looks like he’s tip toeing. Good head angle and super sharp.