American River

Although Chinook Pass closes for winter, we can still drive a ways into the mountains to use recreation areas and view the beautiful scenery before the end of the road. My wife and I drove to the closure point on December 27. We saw one other vehicle. It was snowing but no wind. Beautiful and quiet. Had no skis of snowshoes so couldn’t get far from road.

Specific Feedback Requested

Any comments.

Technical Details

Is this a composite: No
5D IV; 24/70 @ 30; 1/250th; 9.0; 400 ISO handheld

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Nice peaceful scene, Jim. I like the B&W treatment.

Good grab shot for sure. For most of the winter I just leave the snowshoes in the back of the jeep. You never know!!

The whites look a tiny bit gray to me on this. Maybe you could slide the whites in with the curves tool and tighten/brighten them. The textures are fantastic and I like that you used a fast shutter speed to get the texture there. It adds for sure.

@David_Bostock . Thank you. @Kris_Smith . Not sure if this does anything to the gray you pointed out. Please let me know if you wish. Thanks.

It seems a trifle crisper to me. Such a great scene. I’m a total sucker for winter rivers and plan to hit a couple of ours later this week if the weather works out. There are areas close to either of the big lakes that have waterfalls as well as the rivers themselves. The snow isn’t too deep right now so should be easier to get around in without snowshoes. Can’t hope for trees this magical unless we get another snowstorm, but we’ll see.

@Kris_Smith Crisper? It does doesn’t it? Not sure what caused it.

Jim, this is an excellent winter scene, with the heavy snow. The whites look fine on my calibrated monitor. It feels tilted, even as that tree on the left looks nice and vertical…

I am sucker for snow covered trees, and it doesn’t get much better than this in that regard. The composition looks pretty well balanced to me, I like the framing of the trees on both sides, well done Jim.

@Ed_McGuirk Thank you.
@Mark_Seaver Thank you. It seems tilted to me, too, but I don’t think it is. I tried correcting it but didn’t think rework looked like the scene as I remember. I was going to return to take another look at it, but recent heavy snow (and more to come this week) has kept me from getting there.