American Sídhe

A unique and little known Idaho gem of a cave. It is a collapsed lava tube. The ferns growing in the ring are remnants left from the passing of the last ice age. I don’t think there are any native ferns for at least a couple hundred miles in any direction from this location. The surface is an arid lava desert, typical of southern Idaho, the complete antithesis to the damp and cool cave interior.

This place is totally rad to visit!

Please list any pertinent technical details or techniques:

(If this is a composite, etc. please be honest with your techniques to help others learn)

  • Oly EM10 - Oly 12-40 f/2.8 @12mm f/8 Bracketed shutter speed
  • Totally a composite - HDR blend

There is a massive light difference from the opening at the top to the interior of the cave. HDR or exposure blending is really the only option at this location. Also, the light beam travels across the floor of the cave and is extremely bright. I tried the spot light on the floor hidden behind the ferns.

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Another fine example of an anomaly of the natural world. How did you enter—rappel, hike in from behind this view? Well composed and good management of the contrast.

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Thanks @Bob_Faucher! The name of this place is Tea Kettle Cave. You enter by coming down a small lavatube or the “spout”. It’s a bit steep and dark but easily done. I felt a bit like Indiana Jones LOL.

Riveting…the backstory and ghost face puts it over the top, also a technical victory, and you got the cloud. Wow.
TY for post

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Thank you so much @stevenm! I really appreciate that. It is an amazing and magical location.