An other image of the countryside I live in

What technical feedback would you like if any? All feedback is more then welcome

What artistic feedback would you like if any? All feedback is more than welcome

Pertinent technical details or techniques: Sony R x100, F11, 1/60, iso 100. I made this image a few years ago and sometimes working on it. Finally now I feel it’s ready.

(If this is a composite, etc. please be honest with your techniques to help others learn)

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This is a wonderful presentation, Ben. The magical lighting and cloud cover all come together so nicely. The inclusion of the second mill really adds to the depth and sense of place. This is something to be proud of. My only suggestion is to have just a little more space in the waterway to the left of the distant mill. Overall it’s a peaceful countryside scene and a pleasure to view.

I like the scene overall. Nice composition and subject matter. To me the blown out sun is a little overpowering and the sky should never be darker than the water. JMHO. Also looks like a bunch of lens flare all around the sun. It’s certainly worth reworking some more.

Your captured a fine mood here, Ben in a lovely place. The windmills, the angled waterway (canal??) and the bit of sunlit grass are all very inviting.

Spectacular light and weather conditions here Ben, it creates a very painterly feeling to this image. The light hitting that green grass is just gorgeous. And I’m not even going to suggest cloning away the light posts, you are right, they are part of the landscape.

This image has such a nice composition and strong lighting that it’s worth tweaking it to make it even stronger. As @Bill_Leggett suggests I would use Photoshop Add Canvas and Content Aware Fill to add a sliver of canvas to the left of the windmill, and create a little breathing room. As @Michael_Lowe points out there is some magenta flare in the clouds in the URC that could be cloned away. And to my eye, there appears to be a slight clockwise tilt to the image, i would try rotating it 1 or 2 degrees counterclockwise to see if that helps.

I’m really enjoying your foray into these grand landscape type images, they are working really well for you.

Ben, I forgot to mention, I really like exploring all around this image, noticing all the little details. The canoes, the church steeple in the BG, the BG mist, and the man and bike by the fence.

The mood portrayed by the subject, lighting and composition works very well. I am thoroughly enjoying travelling through this image. My only wish is to have a little more room on the left of the second windmill. Keep 'em coming!

This would make a great image for a travel magazine. Except for the blown out highlights of the sun. You probably should have shot a composite for the dynamic range that’s being exceeded. Wonderful lighting and painterly look to this. I wonder if people live inside those windmills.

@Bill_Legget, @Michael_Lowe, @Mark_Seaver, @Ed_McGuirk, @Patricia_Brundage.@Igor Doncov.
Thank’s for all the advice and suggestions from you all on this image. This is why NPN is of great value to me (learning). I sometimes try to give comments myself, but still find it a bit difficult. Igor did ask if there are people living in these mills. For that matter I can tell you that my mother in law was born in this mill. And me and my wife we are still living nearby. So I see this mill almost every day.