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We had our power out for several days causing me to really bear down on shooting birds in our yard. Of all of the shots I got I liked the antics of what was probably the same protective male Anna’s guarding the feeder. I rarely catch one fanning its tail so this shot is extra to me. D500, Nikon 2-500mm lens, 1.4 TC, gimbal head/tripod, 1/800th, f 8.0, 700mm, ISO 1400, AI Clear

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Beautiful shot Dave, great to get both the gorget and the tail spread.

Superb detail in the hummer and I love the perch, Dave. That’s an awesome tail spread as well and the gorget really caught the light well. A fine image.

Nice pose and gorget color. Looks good against the background.

No nits from me, great image. Bird, pose and perch all work well together. Cheers, Hans

Lovely. I really like the way the fanning out of its tail mimics the curve of the twig. Well seen! (and I hope your power is back on)

I had a lot fun examining the large version. Hummingbird feathers are quite stiff and fibrous and you captured them quite well. Gorget color is awesome! Well done…Jim

I love the high key background lending a blank canvas for the color and detail of the bird. It is easy to “blow” the color on the head of the male Anna’s, loosing detail, but you have captured the full color range with the full detail. Tail stretch with the glint in the eye really gives the bird and the photo personality and attitude…and what hummer doesn’t have attitude? Draws you in and keeps you there.