Anna's Hummingbird with Crocosmia

I have two different crops of this hummingbird with slightly different wing positions.

Specific Feedback Requested

Which crop do you prefer and which wing position do you prefer? Anything else would be helpful. In the case of this Crocosmia, is the saturation okay.

Technical Details

ISO 1000, 200 to 600 at 600 mm, F7 .1, 1000th, first crop is about 50% of normal and second crop is about 25% of normal full frame. Sony alpha-1, single fill flash

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Very nice!!! The reds look wonderful to me! I prefer the second image, as the bird is more prominent in the frame and I favor the more downward head position, for no reason I can figure out. I’m about 50-50 on the wings. I never seem to get both the best wing position and body position in the same frame. Murphy…

Excellent. I prefer the first one, simply because there’s more catchlight in the eye. Both are fantastic images, David.

Hi David
The first shot is lovely, but the second if my favorite. You seldom get to see a Humming with that quality and detail. The first set of wings bring me into the Crocosmia and the next clears the view of the Hummingbird.

Very nice hummingbird captures, David. Aesthetically, the wider crop is my favorite as the composition and wing positions are more pleasing to my eye. Technically, the closer crop is my favorite because of the amazing detail and despite the lesser composition and the right wing being almost not visible. The good news is you have both so you don’t need to choose :wink:

Both excellent photos, but if I must pick, I prefer #1. The comp is just more pleasing to me. Could you desaturate the Crocosmia just a tad? Or is that just my eye or my screen? Regardless, excellent all the way around.

I prefer the second, David. The positions of the beak and far wing on the first are a bit visually confusing to me. The Crocosmia looks reasonable. If anything, it’s probably undersaturated from the real thing, but if it were fully saturated, the out of focus areas would really be a problem, so this is a good level for my taste.