Another Bee working

Here is another bee photo. I liked the type of flower and how the bee was attached to it.
90D 100-400 at 200mm f/11 1/500 iso 800. I used noiseware to remove some of the background noise. Anytime I use those plug-ins I use Photoshop smart objects so if I need to go back and make more changes or remove the effect I can easily do that. I did crop the left and top as needed.

Comments welcome.


Dean, this is an excellent image. Love the details and colors of both the bee and the flower. I also like the type of flower and the way the bee is hanging on it. The slant of the flower, and the position of the bee makes the composition really nice. The background is nice and smooth, makes both the bee and the flower pop. Great job.

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Dean: I think this is your best bee image so far. I like the perch and your DOF management especially. I also like how the bee has his face buried in the flower. Good catch and a fine capture. :+1: :+1:>=))>

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I like the composition. Having the luxury of placing the entire flower head in the image is a plus. The honey bee is nice and sharp and placed perfectly in the frame. Bees have a shiny integument so the highlights are expected. The only way to get softer highlights is to use an off camera flash with a large, concave diffuser. Other than that, I agree with the other reviewers in that this is one of your finest honey bee photos…Jim

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Thanks Shirley, Bill, and Jim. I may head there tomorrow and get more shots. I think I will also try Jim’s suggestion with off camera flash and a diffuser. I have a concave one although not the bigger one, I think it might be 24 inches

Hi Dean, I really like this photo. Great detail and composition, Shows the honey bee at work:))

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Dean, this is probably your best bee photo, with the fine curve of the flower, the terrific details in the flower (how does one land and walk around on such a prickly plant) and the nice sharp bee.