Another Cedar Waxwing


I went back to the berry tree yesterday and had a good session with quite few birds, although they are still trying to stay deep in the tree. The best berries, near the front, are still waiting. Today there was not a bird in sight as long as my patience held out, then it started raining.

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Pertinent technical details or techniques:

Is this a composite? No

Canon R5, 100-500 + 2X at 1000mm, f/14 (wide open), ISO 3200, 1/400 sec, cloudy light. Cropped to 76% of full frame, some berries removed along left side…


That is a lovely pose with the Waxwing in the cradle of the branch. And it looks like the f/14 paid off with a nice dof. I like that the branch and berries are in focus as well as the bird. A very sharp photo so no problem with the gear. Nicely done.

Another nice Waxwing shot. I like how it’s posed among the berries. Nice background with a hint of the red berries. Excellent detail. One reads mixed reviews on 2x teleconverters, but you seem to be getting very sharp shots. HH or tripod?

Well done. No nits here. The detail is superb.

Lovely image, technically excellent. Great depth of field for 1000mm.

And another great shot. I never get tired of these birds, we only get them occasionally in our country, but always a treat ! Cheers, Hans

Beautiful shot, Diane. The detail in the plumage is superb. Any chance you can get a higher point of view on this tree? The angle is starting to show a bit in this image and I think it would be even better if you could find a way to get higher.

Each photo of these Cedar Waxing seems to be better than the last Diane. The detail in not only the bird but also the berries. Color and composition are spot on. The OOF background helps this fellow stand out so very nicely. Great photo.

Thanks everyone! @Dennis_Plank, no way I can get higher here. A tall ladder would be theoretically possible but I need to be on a sturdy tripod. The tree is only about 15 ft tall and I’m as far away as I can get with 1000 mm.

These are very well done and the IQ is nice… Angle is satisfactory, if you can get one where they look down it helps a lot with steep angles…

quote=“Diane_Miller, post:9, topic:18686”]
but I need to be on a sturdy tripod. The tree is only about 15 ft tall and I’m as far away as I can get with 1000 mm.
Hi @Diane_Miller One trick I’ve developed is to clamp a sturdy ground pod to the top of a step ladder (I use three legged orchard ladders). I can drape a bag blind over myself and the upper part of the ladder. It works fairly well, though I’ve never tried it with 1000 mm unless you include my sensor crop.