Another Cormorant + RP

And a bigger crop to better enjoy those feet!

Lake Pleasant again. The lake is down seasonally and there are a lot of interesting snags for perches.

Specific Feedback Requested

All comments welcome!

Technical Details

Is this a composite: No
Canon R5, 100-500 + 1.4X at 700. 1/2500 at f/10, ISO 1250, handheld from a bobbing boat. Adobe Color profile here – didn’t feel the need for further control of darks and lights. Into PS for denoise (barely needed) and removing a limb intruding from the left. Not sure I care for the centered bird but wanted to leave the full perch and some room for it to “fly into” – which it soon did. Cropped to 70% of the full frame. I love the Gollum feet on these things!

Oh I like yours better than mine. Was just working on this shot the other day, but the wing position in mine isn’t so expressive. I was thinking the same thing about the feet - they are wonderful in their adaptations for swimming and perching. Reminds me of wood ducks’ feet. I cropped my shot to 4:5 and eliminated most of the perch, but I think I like this better; it works for the wing position more than it does for mine. Yours is crisper as well because my shutter speed was a bit too slow. How fun.

You two are just killing it with these awesome shots. Diane, this is excellent and the centered position doesn’t bother at all. Also great background bokeh even with an f/10 aperture. Wow. That R5 and 100-500 almost make me want to switch back to Canon. (almost)… :slight_smile:

Thanks, @Kris_Smith and @David_Bostock! I was tempted to post a bigger crop to emphasize the “rubber feet” and I’ve added it to the OP. It’s cropped to 24% of the original frame.

Both are nice but I prefer the second crop because of the balanced comp. There is less negative space.