Another Dunlin

Oregon coast during spring migration. Fun.

What technical feedback would you like if any? Any

What artistic feedback would you like if any? Any

Pertinent technical details or techniques:

Canon 7DII;Sigma 150-600 at 600 mm; 1/1250 at f7.1; ISO 640

You may only download this image to demonstrate post-processing techniques.

Lovely sharp shot of this pretty shorebird

Looks like one of those dreary days. But I think you have handled the exposure well. Perhaps keeping it wide open at 6.3 will help to keep the noise even lower but the sharpness will definitely take a hit.

Allen, I like the pose and the way you framed this Dunlin. Cloudy conditions like this can be a real challenge, and it seems this was underexposed a fair bit, which might have been due to the relatively brighter shore surroundings. You don’t mention exposure comp, but it looks like you could increase shooting exposure by at least one stop. Bringing up the shadows in post might help, but that may introduce unwanted noise. Still it may be worth your effort to attempt it.

Enjoyable color, light, detail, beach, and background. I do think it would benefit from a slight increase in exposure as Bill stated. It also appears that you could rotate the image clockwise a tiny bit to level it out.

Thanks for the comments, @Skip_Layman, @Adhika_Lie, @Bill_Leggett, and @David_Schoen.

It was actually a sunny day with blue sky and the sun over my back. I did overexpose 1/3 stop. For some reason, I can’t explain, I lowered the Highlights in LR. Here’s the shot re-processed with increased Highlights, though I did darken the background slightly in PS. I did give it a slight clockwise rotation. It’s nice to have other sets of eyes, which is why we’re in NPN.

Oh yeah, Allen, the exposure on the bird in your repost looks much more natural. I had noticed the rotation in the original, but didn’t mention it because so often that’s an illusion due to diminishing perspective. Your tweak by keeping the darker BG works great. Thanks for your responses.

Excellent image quality, Allen. I like the foraging behavior and the open bill.