Another Harlequin

The bubbly water is where his buddy took a dive.

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Pertinent technical details or techniques:

Canon 7DII; Sigma 150-600 at 500 mm; 1/2000 at f7.1, -2/3EV; ISO 320

Excellent, Allen. Nice eye contact and the disappearing companion is a neat touch. I like the light as well. I am wondering if it’s possible to tease a bit more detail out of the whites, though I know the plumage is very smooth in those areas and it looks like the light was pretty much square with the face.

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Wonderful color detail and light. I like the water. Certainly worth a try to see if you can get more detail out of the white plumage on the cheek. I think we are just outside the range of harlequin ducks here in Northwest Washington although they may be present on the coast. Is this a coastal image?

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The water color is so perfect for the ruddy feathers, and the bubbly water is a nice touch. My only thought might be for a gradient darkening of the lightest water at the top.

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Taken at the south jetty of Yaquina Bay in Newport. I think they like the rocks that line the jetty and I’ve seen them amongst other coastal rocks.

Hi Allen
Great looking Harlequin. Good luck with getting any more detail out of the whites. The eye contact tells the whole story, the Harlequin is just on a Sunday drive.
Nice work