Anyone subscribe to this

I was wondering if anyone subscribes to the Journal of Wildlife Photography. If so, is the $97 a year worth it? I come to this site to learn but am thinking I really need to start at the beginning. I can’t seem to figure out when to use the different settings and then forget what number/settings to use when switching ISO, aperture, etc. quickly as the scene unfolds. Thank you for any input.

Sonja. The maker of my camera knows much more than I so I generally use “P” program mode. If you use the “A” setting it will automatically set the correct setting for the shutter speed. For general pictures either seems to work. The only times I use the manual settings is when I want to slow water or capture birds in flight. I also adjust the plus and minus for different lighting situations. Don’t drive yourself nuts about the settings. You’ll learn as you go if you check the properties of the pictures you take. Another option is to join a camera club in your area where others are usually willing to share their knowledge. Photography should be enjoyed as an artistic endeavor as well as a technical one. If you capture the event there is always photoshop to help improve it if need be.


Hi, Sonja. I am a Lifetime subscriber to the Journal, and I would say yes, it’s well worth it. Jared is continually upgrading the publication, bringing on new photographers who are writing new, informative articles which are easy to follow and understand. There is a Facebook group (to which I don’t belong because I’m not on Facebook), and Jared frequently sponsors giveaways and photo contests. I have been a subscriber for over a year and have really enjoyed it.

Thank you Terry for the feedback. The previews looked interesting but you never know. I will look at it a little closer now that I know it is legit.

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