Aspens and bokeh

I’m not sure if this is interesting enough to be a keeper. What do you think? Also, any suggestions would be appreciated. I’m not sure about the color…maybe some tweeking to bring out or diminish a particular hue. Thanks.

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Tony if you are interested in answers to these type of questions, i’d recommend posting this in Critique instead of Galley. If you re-post it in Critique, I’m sure that you would get a lot of constructive input and comments.


Agree with Ed here. Actually, I don’t have much to offer in terms of suggestions anyway… but I will say that I think the bokeh is excellent and you’ve nailed the colors of the primary aspen trunk. Definitely out of the box with this one.



If you really are interested in feedback, we ask you to move this image to a critique section, not a gallery. It is important for the site to maintain the distinction. You can either repost, or you can edit this one and change the location.

I posted in the wrong forum, my bad. So yes, I’d love an honest critique.

No worries Tony, and thanks for moving. I think most want to abide by the “no critique” in the galleries.

I certainly think it’s a keeper. The biggest issue I have is the secondary trunk. It’s a “tweaner…” in between being too close, yet out of focus, or not far enough away and blending with the bg. If that guy wasn’t there, but only other suggestion would be to brighten the main forward trunk an slightly darken the background to get more separation (than just focus and bokeh.)

I don’t mind the bright highlights of some of the OOF “bokeh” in the bg, after all, I think that’s the intent of selective focus and such a shallow dof. For me, it just boils down to the second trunk - that takes away from the overall impact. At least for me.


Tony, this image has such a soft, delicate feeling to it. It feels very light and airy. The warm, pastel color palette is very pleasing. While the colors are a bit unusual for these type of scene, I think they work for the type of mood you are trying to create.

My only nitpick is that I find there are some distracting hot spots along both the left and right edges of the frame. If you tried to burn them down I’m afraid you might lose some of the high key effect. i might instead consider a square crop to eliminate the hotspots.

Love everything about the foreground trees from color to exposure to contrast. But the bright highlights in the background keep dragging my eye away. Dunno what to suggest for toning down those highlights, but it would be a good experiment to test the effects.