At Golden Pond

The colors of Floridian Falls are not as grand as the north, but every once in a while, if you are looking, you will catch a golden hue glistening thru the trees lines and reminding us that it too will be cooler here and we might have to find a coat. I have been working on an impressionistic series set in the Florida landscape. Behind a Traders Joe’s store, we learn to look in all kinds of places, everyday places. I have been working on using the camera like a Pleine Aire painter and trying to use the camera and motion to create subtle and sometimes bold brush strokes. There is a mood in this one that I like. The sky was cloudy and about to rain, but that lent itself to some exciting light.

I am rather new to ICM. I am also working on visual storytelling skills.

Specific Feedback Requested

I will include the before and after screenshots in a comment. I want to train my eye for that subtle edge of over-the-top editing and just right. Balance and artistic personality. So if you have any feedback, I would like to hear it.

Technical Details

Canon R5 +
70 - 200 mm 2.8 L IS (USM)
1/4 sec
@ f/20
ISO 100
70 mm
WB 6000

Edited in Lightroom, General tweaks to basic

Highlights -41
Shadows +22
Whites -18
Blacks -18
Texture - 67
Clarity -22
Dehaze 0
Vibrance - 0
Saturation 0

The histogram was pretty balanced, so I left the tone curve alone.
Removed some distractions on the borders with the healing and darkened a lighter area on an edge that was drawing the eye.
HSL/ Color sliders - Some Minor adjustments in the Saturation and Luminance
Vignette -16

Before and After Screenshot

I lost a little Pop of light when I look at them on this site. That the original SOOC shot had.


First of all, WELCOME to NPN! Great to have you join us here and we look forward to more from you!

You mention you’re fairly new to ICM - and I’d say you’re off to a great start.

Another beauty of the ICM! Potential subjects are everywhere! From your backyard, to a parking lot or with scenes that one might not ever photograph in traditional photography!

The difference between the before and after are subtle, but noticeable. I think I like the light and “pop” as you mention of the before, but prefer the motion and results of the after. Tough to decide though - they both work.

The main feedback I have - or want to mention, is the bottom of the frame. I do like the darker base of the trees, but not so much the triangular greens (grass?) at the bottom left. Maybe consider cropping from the bottom - but I’m not sure if that would be an improvement - or not.

I think the ICM movement works well. My thoughts on ICM movement is that it needs to be enough movement to make sure the viewer knows that this wasn’t just an accident - or like someone just kicked the tripod. You’ve done that with enough movement to let the viewer know this was intentional. And the results are effective.

Thanks for sharing and joining the NPN community!


Lon, thank you so much for your time and comments.

I appreciate your comments and agree that ICM. The movement is like a painter’s brushstrokes. Some are all over the place and wild more of an abstraction. I prefer a softer edge showing the impressions of life. Funny thing, I did bump my tripod the other day on a shoot, and the results were far less intentional. lol

Thank you for pointing out the distractions. This feedback helps to add to my visual literacy.
I appreciate it very much.

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This has a surreal look to it. It’s how you would see when just opening your eyes after a sleep.

Hi Ariel, it’s great seeing your impressionistic image here and welcome to NPN! I’m happy to see you exploring the creative flexibility with ICM techniques. Your image has a wonderful feel to it and I think Igor described it quite well with the reference to waking but not yet fully awake state. I think trees and water make great subjects for ICM. I think your editing is nicely balanced too. Keep up the good work!

it has an eery quality to me. But I prefer your more positive take.

Thanks It more fun to play, explore and see what is somedays. Thank you still challenging my eye but from what I read that is good it all leads to growth. I am glad to be here.

I am looking into getting into ICM landscape imaging and this is what I envision being able to do. I look forward to seeing future posts to see how you progress. I am liking the idea of abstraction of landscape as a different approach to typical landscapes and I am inspired by this post.

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ICM is liberating in some ways. I look forward to seeing what you share