At the local park 5



Description:A moment of silence

Specific Feedback Requested:All feedback is more than welcome as always

Pertinent technical details or techniques:


Ben, I don’t know how you do it. You take what seems like an ordinary scene and make it extraordinary. This is lovely and has a ton of orderly depth to it Awesome.

Hi Ben! You have a wonderful array of elements here. I’m drawn to the contrast between the fall color up top and the moss-covered branches. That in itself could make for a wonderful photograph. I also like the bottom of the photo with the foreground grass mixed with fallen leaves and the tufts of untamed grass and other vegetation in the background. The path leading off into the distance also adds a sense of scale and a sense of mystery. I do see there’s a person hidden behind the tree trunk on the right. I would either clone them out, or perhaps you have a photo from when they weren’t within the composition. Overall I really like the elements within this composition and the emphasis of odd numbers for the three dominant trees. I do wish there was more breathing room to the right, left and at the bottom of the frame so the trees don’t feel like they’re pushed toward the edges. Such a lovely scene!

It’s the little bit of trail in the back that does it for me. I want to step right in and join you in this lovely wood.


Simple, yet such a quiet and lovely little scene. I like the composition layout with the 3 main trees; the path in the background and even what appears to be a foot bridge or something behind the tree on the left.

Some of the autumn leaves look like they were blowing in the breeze - not a big deal because this image isn’t about sharp detail - but a feeling of quiet and peace.

Ben H. has a good eye! What appears to be a person is also someone who looks like they’re pushing a stroller! I don’t think you need to clone it all out, just the white and green patches of color.

No other nits or suggestions.


Looks great! Love the colors and composition. I am especially impressed with how well you portrayed the depth of the scene. Great work!

There’s a wonderful gentle light in this image that gives both highlights and shadows that aren’t harsh. I agree that the placement of the trees and the space gives a sense of depth (near and far) without placing anything in the foreground. Autumn is approaching. That pleases landscape photographers.

@Lon_Overacker , @Ben_Horne , @Igor_Doncov , @David_Bostock , @Kris_Smith , @Matthew_Roberge , It must be a blind spot. I never saw the person and stroller .
I have been working on this image for many hours. Maybe that causes some blindness while I did scan the image over and over. Luckily they may be there, it’s a local park.
I still make my images by feeling. Not so much by technic or knowledge about composition or color. For the developing part, I use TK actions for many years and believe I know how to use it,
All seems to work as I may rely on your comments and advice. It brought me this far !
And @Ben_Horne, there was more space in the original I could have used. And @Lon_Overacker , what you thought was not a footbridge but a bench .
I am thinking of making a rework . Thank you all !! Ben van der Sande.

This is a great image. As already stated you just turn some rather ordinary piece of nature into an extraordinary one by how you compose the images and how you handle the light. The small trail adds a lot to the quality and interest of the image.

Ola, thank you for your nice comment .

@Lon_Overacker , @Ben_Horne , Lon and Ben ,It was a footbridge indeed . I tried a rework and took out the footbridge, the bench and the person with the stroller. A bigger ratio. Without succes, it took all the life out of my image. But again thank’s for your professional advice.Looking forward for more in the future !